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Ten Things You'll Love

Hello everybody!

Thanks for visiting the new Savvy Kids website! We’d love to give you a tour around the new place! We’ve been working pretty hard to make the site a spectacular place to visit everyday!

If you are familiar with the old site, you’ll notice there are more improvements than we could easily list here. So, here is a list of the 10 things we’re most excited about on the new site.

1. Blog + exclusive content not found in magazine.

Our blog is updated at least once a day with to-do’s, how-tos, tips for mom, advice for dads, news about local opportunities to play, volunteer, learn, create, and more! All with one thing in mind: making life in central Arkansas great for kids, teens, and parents!

2. Guides

We’ve got the best guides on the web for field trips, adopting pets, getting ready for college, vacations and day trips, spring cleaning, summer camps, and more!

3. Calendar

Anybody who says there is nothing to do in central Arkansas hasn’t looked at our calendar. No matter what time of the year it is, we’ve got an enormous list of things to do!

4. Easy to share all content with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more

You love learning about what is going on in the world around you. We know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. We have a feeling you like to share it, too. So we made sure it is super easy to share almost anything on our new site with your friends by email, to your favorite social site, or even print it out! Why not share this list on Facebook right now! Not into that? Perhaps tweet it instead.

5. Monthy Savvy Kids Magazine features are online, too!

You can find our magazine in hundreds of places (about 600 places, actually!) around central Arkansas, but you can also find our popular regular features online! Including Pop Topics, Book of the Month, App of the Month, Ask the Doctor, Savvy Arts, Kids Eat Free, Savvy Project, Little Hero Big Heart, and more!

6. Issue Archive

Want to read the current issue or track down an old issue of Savvy Kids magazine? Head on over to the Savvy Kids magazine archive!

7. Facebook comments

Want to shout out about these 5 tips for ADHD students, or perhaps something you learned about cloth diapers? Share your thoughts with other readers and your Facebook friends at the same time! You don’t have to have a Facebook account to comment on a post but we certainly encourage you to take advantage of this great feature. Tell us and your Facebook friends what you think of this list below!

8. Get news about contest results quick

Did your favorite business win a Savvy Award? Did your nephew win the cover photo contest? Find out online and share the news with your friends!

9. Submit your special event

If you read Savvy Kids magazine, you’re probably familiar with the Savvy Events section. If you want to tell us about your upcoming festival, birthday, marathon, concert, or, well, any ol’ event, we’d love to hear about it. It is super easy. Do it now here!

10. Easily add your business or organization to our growing directory

A growing amount of local information is at your fingertips on the Savvy Kids website. And you can easily add your business or organization to our new directory! It takes 5 minutes and it’s free! Claim your business!

What do you love about the new site? Any suggestions? Leave us a comment below!


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