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Savvy Kids’ publisher, the fabulous Heather Baker, shared a really nice article on pinterest this morning. (If you’re not familiar with pinterest, you really, REALLY need to go sign up at

The article was entitled “100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child” and was originally posted at Creative With Kids.

There are SO many great suggestions for ways to make your little (and not-so little) ones’ days happy – I just had to share a few parts of it. The whole list is great and you should check out the rest, as well.

100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child

Tell your child:

6. If I could pick any 4 year old (5 year old…) in the whole wide world, I’d pick you.
7. I love you to the moon and then around the stars and back again.
8. Thank you.
9. I enjoyed playing with you today.
10. My favorite part of the day was with you when we…
11. The story of their birth or adoption.
12. About how you cuddled them when they were a baby.
13. The story of how you chose their name.
14. A story about yourself when you were their age.


35. To get enough sleep.
36. To drink enough water.
37. To eat decent food
38. Wearing earrings or whatever makes you feel pretty.
39. Calling friend the next time you feel like you are about to lose it with the kids.
40. Giving a gentle touch to show approval.
41. Dancing in the kitchen.
42. To get your kids to bop to the music with you in the car.
43. Showing your kids that you can do a somersault or handstand or a cartwheel
44. Keeping that sigh to yourself. Just jump in and help clean up cheerfully.
45. Using a kind voice, even if you have to fake it.


65. Your child how to do something instead of banning them from it.
66. How to whistle with a blade of grass.
67. How to shuffle cards- make a bridge if you can!
68. How to cut food.

Read the rest of this amazing list at Creative With Kids.



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  1. Bryan says:

    Great point, Tricia! Thanks for the comment. We appreciate your helpful input and made the changes you suggested. Creative With Kids is a great site that deserves the recognition. All the best!

  2. tricia says:

    Savvy Kids- I agree the 100 Ways to be kind to your child post is truly a wonderful list for parents- However, posting the list in its entirety even if you've put a link to the author can still make it appear to be your own work… If anything, you should include an excerpt and then create a link to the original work.