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All Children’s Academy has stepped into the vast world of education to provide therapeutic and academic therapy for children with special needs. In their efforts to provide a Biblically based education for those who may not enjoy or may not fit into traditional school systems, All Children’s Academy has provided a new level of comfort and acceptance for those with special needs. The Academy offers Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy while incorporating an educational program tailored specifically for each child’s needs. Behavioral, therapeutic and academic needs will be addressed at ACA, reaching a level of comfort in everyday activities for the child that he or she can carry out in school, at home and in his or her community.

So, how do they do it? Each therapist and teacher is “cross-trained” to emphasize academic skills so that the student is able to use the hands-on material from the classroom in the community. All Children’s Academy includes special programs to relate to the students including a Special Sibling Program and an After School Youth Community Pragmatics Program, where the children are chaperoned to various exciting events in the community. As the students experience life outside of ACA, their social interaction skills skyrocket and they become one step closer to a comfortable lifestyle. The curriculum is based on the Arkansas educational benchmarks, but specifically altered for each child and his or her needs. Through project activities, social outings, various therapy sessions, and a constant growth, All Children’s Academy is sure to integrate a new level of acceptance and a fresh new meaning to comfort for special needs children in Arkansas.

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