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That Prom Girl provides dresses to those in need


Prom is an exciting event for high schoolers, but the cost of what all goes into creating a memorable prom can really add up. One local organization is working to alleviate part of the financial burden of prom, by providing dresses to families in need.

In 2009, Cynthia Harris and Subrena Howard formed That Prom Girl to ensure that all teenage girls have the opportunity to attend prom. That Prom Girl accepts donations of new and used prom dresses and redistributes them to girls whose families cannot afford to buy dresses for them, Harris said.

“If we can take off the cost of the dress,” Harris said. “That takes away a hardship and makes us feel good.”

Harris and Howard came up with the idea after each had purchased prom dresses for friends and neighbors, who otherwise would not have been able to attend prom.

“Prom is that event that every girl looks forward to,” Howard said. “We’d hate to see anyone left out of prom.”

Many of the dresses donated to That Prom Girl are brand new, Harris said. Donations have come from local dress shops and individuals. While they accept any donated dress, she said they are most in need of plus sizes.

They also take donated shoes, jewelry and accessories. In the past, Harris said nail salons and hair stylists have even donated their services to help girls complete their prom look.

“We’ve been so fortunate that so many people have donated,” Harris said.

Individuals who receive dresses are allowed to keep them; however, they are encouraged to re-donate the dresses to continue the cycle of giving, Harris said.

Dresses are distributed through events in Little Rock and other parts of the state, usually held in late March or early April, Harris said. This year, they plan to hold an event for the first time in the Delta area of southeastern Arkansas, she said. Dates and locations were not confirmed as of this writing.

Right now, Harris and Howard said they have closets full of dresses ready to give away. Hundreds of girls have received prom dresses since That Prom Girl began, Harris said. Seeing how much they are helping local families makes them “feel special,” Howard said.


For more information about That Prom Girl’s events or to donate, call (501) 416-0031 or (501) 416-9957.

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