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Sunrise on the Arkansas [title by artist]
Drawn by Alfred Waud (1826-1891)

The Historic Arkansas Museum has an ongoing project entitled, Arkansas Made, a statewide outreach effort, which seeks to document decorative, mechanical and fine art produced by Arkansas artisans. Exploring Arkansas’s creative legacy, this material evidece offers a window into Arkansas’s unique history.

To learn more about the diversity of Arkansas-made objects, the museum’s research team has been traveling across the state, seeking out works of art in all its forms including photography, firearms, quilts, pottery, furniture, handmade silver, and other artisan-made objects created in Arkansas prior to 1950 (and sometimes beyond).

These objects will eventually be published as the third and fourth volumes in the series – “Arkansas Made: A Survey of the Decorative, Mechanical and Fine Arts Produced in Arkansas”, to be published by the University of Arkansas Press.

Do you have an original family heirloom created in the state? If so contact the researchers at (501) 324-9376 or send an email to You can also follow along with their recent finds and check out daily “Arkansas Made Object of the Day photos at the Arkansas Made Facebook page. 


Seleze LeFevre
Creole Still Life
Watercolor on paper
Arkansas Made, Pulaski County
Gift of Howard and Elsie Stebbins


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