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The first weeks of school can be hard for everyone. But they’re especially difficult for students with ADHD/ADD. Thankfully, there are ways parents and caregivers can help set students up for success.

The key, says author and ADHD expert Shane Perrault, is to educate yourself about ADHD and know what to expect. When you’re armed with knowledge solutions become more apparent.

Here are a few pointers drawn from Perrault’s research as published in Psychology Today.

  1. Become Educated About ADHD
    Knowledge is power and the more you know the better advocate you can be. Author Shane Perrault, Ph.D recommends the book “Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book” by Michelle Davis.
  2. Develop a Schedule
    Have a set routine, discuss the expectations, and stick with the schedule if at all possible.
  3. Assemble an Interdisciplinary Team and Treatment Plan
    Medications can help, but they’re only part of the solution. “Before school starts, says Perrault, “connect with your psychologist, physician, nutritionist, neuro psychologist, and/or coach to plan for the upcoming year. Have them evaluate your child’s learning style, neurological functioning, strengths and limitations. If possible, select teachers that play to your child’s strengths. Also, talk to your providers about proper nutrition and computer-based attention training programs.”
  4. Celebrate Your Child’s Success! 
    Make sure to be vocal about your child’s successes. They’re used to hearing what they do wrong. Make sure you acknowledge when they do things right.
  5. Care for the Caregiver
    Caring for someone with ADHD is hard. Make sure to take care of your own needs so you can continue to provide the support your child needs.

Want to learn more? Read more from Perrault by clicking here. 


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