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Best Gifts for Small Babies

So you’ve been wracking your brain, trying to decide what the perfect gift is for the tiniest member of your family. It’s a daunting task, to be sure, but I have great news for you! According to a recent Psychology Today post by Gabrielle Principe, a psychology professor and author of Your Brain on Childhood: The Unexpected Side Effect of Classrooms, Ballparks, Family Rooms, and the Minivan, the best gifts for babies may cost less than you’d expect.

Principe’s list of the top 5 toys doesn’t contain Sing-a-majigs, Leapsters, or anything plush. Instead, she suggests the following:


Shocked? It turns out, babies don’t really care about characters, brand names, or fancy packaging. What they need most is interactivity, familiarity, and accessibility. This means that the aforementioned household items are probably already on your baby’s “must play with” list for 2012. Of course, you’ll want to provide adequate supervision if Junior will be grabbing handfuls of pebbles or making mud pies, but as Principe’s article stated: “Each toy on my list is affordable, appropriate for a wide range of ages, and better than the usual overpriced toys on the retailers’ lists.”

Can’t argue with that logic!

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