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It’s Monday, which means Savvy Kids is sharing a fun craft with our readers! Today’s project was found on the social media sharing site Pinterest, which is a great place to get inspiration for decorating, cooking, crafting and more!

One of my favorite items of clothing to pick out year after year is colorful rain boots. It seems like almost every store carries a selection of adorable patterns for both boys and girls, and part of the excitement of spring is getting to choose new boots to stomp around in. But what happens once little feet have outgrown boots, and you have accumulated a pile next to the back door that you just can’t part with? I found the cutest idea – just fill those boots with a little potting soil, and let your youngsters plant a seed or two in each boot. Soon, you’ll have a small spring garden in easily-movable planters, and you’ll keep the memories of when those toes were tiny in their little boots.

I’ve seen some photos of people who have just set the boots on the porch, lined up; and some who have nailed them to a fence in the yard. No matter where you choose to display your boot garden, I’m sure it’ll be a hit with the whole family. Kids love to see their old clothing recycled, and you can continue the planters over and over again. Once a plant or flower’s roots get to be too much for the boot, simply plant them in your garden or yard and start all over with fresh soil! So cute!

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