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It’s a week away from Christmas. I guess that means we have a week left for shopping, but let’s skip talking about consumerism.

The holidays are supposed to be about joy, togetherness, peace, and love. For some the holidays are religious events and for others they are secular celebrations. But one thing almost all of us can agree on is our desire to celebrate the holidays with joy. Yet far too often our days become filled with stress and a general sense of anxiety as we try to beat the clock.

We can choose to find some measure of peace in these days and we can make a decision to let go of our anxiety and embrace a sense of thankfulness for all the riches and gifts we already have. Here are a few ways I find centering during the holidays. What about you?

1. Take time to think about the big picture. Ask yourself, do we have the food we need to eat? A roof over our heads? Safety in our homes? If so, we already have everything we need and these are gifts beyond measure. If we’re too buy to remember this, we’re simply too busy and probably need to . . .

2. Slow down. People often forget the gifts we give, but they never forget the time we spend with them. Take time to visit with someone and enjoy the season. Easier said than done, I know. But it’s worth trying.

3. Talk to Your Kids. Forget Santa, presents, and discussions about being “good.” Sit down and talk to your kids about why the holidays truly matter to your family and ask them what the holidays mean to them. Listen closely to their answers.

4. Read a Book Together. Sit down and read a kid’s book about the importance of the holiday season. Talk about what you’ve read.

5. Make Simple Gifts. Gift giving can be wonderful, especially when the gifts come from the heart. Take time to bake, draw, or utilize any other talent you have and work with your kids to make gifts to give to others. Don’t forget that making the gifts, and the time spent together making them, may be just as important as where the gifts end up. And ask your teenagers to join in. They might even surprise you and say yes.

What are your ideas for finding peace during the holidays? 



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