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If you’re on any crafting blogs or sites, you’ve probably seen these adorable melted crayon projects. I thought it would be fun to share it with our readers just in case anyone has missed it, as it’s one of the most easy projects I have seen, and it’s almost impossible to make a mistake – making it perfect for even really young kids.

For this “painting”, you will need 2-3 large boxes of crayons, a canvas, a hot glue gun, and a hair dryer. Pick out the colors you want to use, or let your child. Have them arrange them on the canvas in whichever order they’d like. (I find that sometimes when doing projects like this, it’s best to have one that is “yours” and one that is your child’s, to stop yourself from trying to correct their art or make it seem more like you want it to look.) The point of art is to express creativity, after all, so don’t stifle their imaginations just because YOU don’t like their choice of colors.

Here are a few photos for inspiration:

A great example of mom taking a step back and letting the kids lead.

I love the use of character-shaped crayons in this one!

Once your crayons where you want them (remember, you will want to leave a LOT of white space for the colors to run!) you can glue them down with hot glue. Then, all you do is point the hair dryer at the crayons and let it melt them! If you want swirls or curves, rotate your canvas as the crayons melt. If you want straight lines, just let it drip. Remember to have something to catch the drips, you don’t want a crayon-covered table or floor!

After the wax is dry, your art is ready to frame and hang. We’d love to see your crayon art – post it on our wall on Facebook at

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