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Well, we made it to 2012! Did you sit down with your children and make resolutions for the New Year? A fun way to help everyone in the family stick to them is to make simple refrigerator magnets so that every time you reach for a snack or drink, you’re reminded of what you promised to do better. (This works exceptionally well for food-related resolutions!)

You’ll need some paper or cardboard, drawing or writing instruments, and some magnetic tape. Have your child draw a picture representing their New Year’s resolution, and either have them write the words or help them out with writing neatly. Cut the picture out neatly, in either a rectangle or a fun shape. Mom or dad should help younger kids with scissors. Put a 1″ strip of magnetic tape on the back of the picture and attach it to the fridge. Have each member of the family make a magnet, so you can all help each other stick to your resolutions.

Remember, the key with New Year’s resolutions is not to nag or punish, but to reward the positive actions that happen. Don’t harass your children about NOT sticking to a resolution, but notice when they do something right and praise that behavior.


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