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Fun, Quick Craft Idea!


While spending the weekend at home with an under-the-weather kiddo, I desperately searched my closets for holiday craft inspiration. I ended up finding a batch of fabric I bought with the intention of learning to quilt, but somehow life got in the way. Instead, Cassidy and I transformed that stack of calico prints into a nifty little wreath for our kitchen door. All you’ll need for this is some wire, scissors, and scrap fabric.

First, you’ll want to sort your fabrics to see what you’ve got to work with. We ended up choosing several shades of green, for the most un-realistic “realistic” wreath you’ve ever laid eyes on. Cut a length of wire (you can also use a thick string or twine, in a pinch) about 2 feet long.

Next, cut your fabric into strips about 4-5″ long and 1″ wide. You will need a LOT of them. If you’ve ever needed a rotary cutter and mat, this might be the time. The cutting does get tedious, but now would be a great time to make some cocoa and enjoy a movie with the kids, right? What’s adding one more activity to an already packed day?

Once you’ve got your fabric cut, start at one end of your wire or string, make a knot at the end, and simply tie the fabric in a knot up against it. You will continue to do the same to the additional fabric scraps, pushing them towards the end piece as you go. You will want the scraps to be packed fairly tightly together – this will help the wreath keep its shape. This is especially important if you end up using string instead of wire. Continue tying your fabric in knots to the base of your wreath until it’s the size you desire. Tie your loose ends together and you’re done! Add a festive ribbon to hang it, and you have a brand-new decoration to pull out every year.

Happy Holidays!

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