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Gratitude Practice


It’s almost Thanksgiving, that wonderful fall holiday that’s isn’t saturated with blatant materialism and flashing lights. It’s the time of year when we are more inclined to count our blessings and spend slower, more quality time with family and friends.

I was recently speaking with a friend about the gratitude circles she and her family practiced when she was a child. For her family it wasn’t a religious practice, although for many families it is. The concept is simple: force yourself to sit down, everyday, and name your blessings. Take time to form words around what you are thankful for and why; share the stories about the people, events, and interactions that make life worthwhile.

Gratitude practice can be done over breakfast or dinner or on drives to and from school. The important part is to try and do it everyday, even on those afternoons when life may feel overwhelming and blessings few and far between. It’s something that can take practice, but it’s worthwhile for every member of the family, even toddlers. Gratitude, humans soon discover, is infectious.

Tell us about your gratitude practice! We’d love to hear about it!




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