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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you are enjoying the day family and friends, savoring delicious seasonal dishes and finding many reasons for gratitude.

We asked both Savvy Kids readers and staff to tell us a few of the things they’re thankful for. Here are a few of the responses. What are you thankful for? 

~ “I’m thankful that my two boys are healthy, happy, smart, and respectful.” Edie Jeanette

~ “I am thankful for my family, friends and most of all God!” Heather Baker

~ “I am thankful for modern medicine….. so i can carry the embryos of a wonderful couple that cant carry thier own…… thank god for all medical miracles.” Bobbie Mallette

~ “I’m thankful for my children’s laughter, time with my extended family, and wonderful memories of my mother. And pie, I’m thankful for that too!” Meredith Martin-Moats

~ “I’m thankful for the joy of family.” Judy Hamilton

Meredith is the online editor of the Savvy Blog. She lives in Little Rock with her twin sons, dogs, cats, and husband.
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