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Today is Martin Luther King Day, an opportunity to honor the a man (and so many who stood with him) who fought for equality for all.

Chances are your children were out of school and maybe even you had the day off from work. Perhaps you engaged in a service day in your community or walked in a parade or march. Have you taken the time to talk about the legacy of Dr. King with your children? It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on King’s legacy and how his message of peace and equality are as important today as ever.

Far too often Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words are reduced to short quotes and sound bite snippets. Although poignant and powerful, these quotes seldom capture King’s radical and holistic vision for a truly just America. So why not spend a while this evening reading some of King’s speeches in their entirety? Most of them are easily accessible online and often audio recordings exist as well.

If you’re children are too young to understand and too busy to sit still, perhaps wait until after bedtime and take a few moments to read. After all, it’s not just our children who can learn from King’s message of peace and justice.

Here’s the full transcript of the “I Have a Dream Speech” from 1963.
You can listen to the audio here.

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