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Since reopening under the management of James Nicholas II, 4th Degree Blackbelt and Nationally Certified Instructor, Impact Martial Arts has designated itself as a well-maintained, professional Academy where students of all ages can enhance their minds, bodies and spirits. Children ages 4-6 can begin their training at the Warrior level, learning to increase their attention spans, independence and developing social skills while strengthening and energizing their bodies. Children aged 7-11 have the opportunity to enroll in the Elite Team Program, which allows for unlimited training during appropriate time-slots, a fifteen minute Knock-Out Work-Out at the end of each class period, and participation in the Life Skills/Leadership Program. 

The Life Skills/Leadership Program is a highly effective and fun way for older children to learn and practice the valuable lessons of Kindness, Trustworthiness, Citizenship and much more. In addition to the merit stripes earned in their TaeKwon-Do classes, the Elite Team students will gain the opportunity to earn Merit Stars, which are awarded based on the students’ attitude, attendance and over-all improvement at home, school, and in their TaeKwon-Do training. If a student completes his or her goals successfully, with an understanding of the life skill and with good teamwork, attitude and effort; he or she will earn a RED star to place on their belt. WHITE merit stars are awarded by the parent, based on an evaluation of the current life skill and how the child is using it at home by helping with chores, having a good attitude, and so on. Finally, a BLUE star is awarded based on a teacher’s evaluation of the student’s grades, concentration, respect, kindness, and helpfulness with classmates, and will also be placed on the belt. 

The Life Skills Program is a fun and effective way to help children understand how they fit in to society and how they can be a better part of the community. By allowing evaluation of the student’s progress at the home, school and Academy level, all facets of behavior and attitude are evaluated and improved.

If you think your child might be inspired by this type of a learning environment, I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Nicholas at Impact Martial Arts. They have Academies in both Beebe and Little Rock, and provide some really fun incentives for members, including Kids’ Nights Out, Birthday Parties, and more! Call 501.288.3622 in Beebe or 501.224.1222 in Little Rock to sign up for your three FREE introductory lessons today!

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