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Lindsey and Skylar Stone with Cat in the Hat characters at Disney World

Over the years working as Editor of Savvy Kids, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful parents and children living in the central Arkansas community. In this special issue of Savvy Kids I would like to introduce you to Lindsey Stone and her daughter Skylar. Lindsey and Skylar have been fans of Savvy Kids for some time now, and if you’ve paid attention, you’ve seen Skylar’s photograph printed from various community events.

Lindsey is a single parent, and one of the strongest and most heart-felt parents I’ve met. When she was told that Skylar had suffered a stroke in utero and was diagnosed with Schizencephaly, an uncommon congenital disorder of cerebral cortical development, she was shocked, but she didn’t let the diagnosis keep her down. She has made sure that Skylar lives a full life, and gets to experience all sorts of activities and events—she doesn’t let the disability stop them. Recently, Skylar was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She traveled to Florida for a fun-filled vacation at Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios—a trip they will not forget any time soon.

Here is there story.


Mom: Lindsey Stone, Monitoring Specialist at UAMS

Daughter: Skylar Stone, 6

Current Projects: I work with Community Connections. I am the program director for the Showstoppers Cheerleading for Community Connections. I help with I Can! Dance as well. I have also sent in an application to volunteer with Make-A-Wish. I want to be able to help kids receive their wish, just like Skylar.

Parenting Style: I am a very active and involved parent. If I’m not at work I’m with Skylar. We are always going to an activity with Community Connections, going to the movies, or doing something together. Due to Skylar’s disabilities, I am her advocate so I am very vocal about the things that she needs and do everything I can to ensure that her needs are met. She is the light of my life and if it was up to me we’d spend every day, all day together.

Life lesson learned from parenthood: Never take anything for granted and celebrate all of life’s blessings. I’ve learned to celebrate all the things that Skylar can do rather than dwell on the things that she can’t. People expect for their children to walk, talk, and do specific milestones but they take them for granted sometimes. I’ve never heard a sound as sweet as when I heard Skylar laugh for the first time. I celebrate and appreciate any and everything that she accomplishes because I know without a doubt that she’s trying with everything she has to be the best that she can be and it’s my job, as her mom, to make sure that I encourage her to do just that.

Keeping It Organized: I have everything scheduled on my Outlook calendar that is also on my phone so that I never forget. Skylar has an average of 4-5 doctor’s appointments a month as well as her activities so she keeps me busy. I’m not sure I would function with my calendar to keep it all together in one place.

Lindsey and Skylar Stone with Mickey Mouse

Lindsey and Skylar Stone with Mickey Mouse at Disney World, a trip made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Book: Silly I know, but I love the Twilight series.

Music: My taste is very eclectic. I enjoy most all genres of music.

Place to shop for you: Maurices

Place to shop for kids: Gymboree, Children’s Place, or Old Navy

Family Activity: Dance, Cheer, Music, Art with Community Connections

Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Guilty pleasure: Community Bakery iced sugar cookies. They are amazing!

Vacation destination: Disney World is now at the top of my list.

Won’t leave home without: My cell phone. I have to be reachable at all times when I’m not with Skylar.

Between meeting some amazing “Savvy” kids and writing informative articles for our readers, Emily loves spending time with her 5-year-old son.
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