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Lindsey Binz Home Company

Lindsey Binz, owner of Lindsey Binz Home Company, can add a touch of tradition in an untraditional way. Binz often has clients who have ornaments and other holiday decorations that have been passed down through the family and want them to be incorporated into the home’s design. “It’s one of the first things I ask about,” she said. “I like to incorporate your things and enhance your everyday decor.” She also likes using natural greenery throughout the design. “My family and I have always purchased a live tree for the holidays. You can take the clippings from the bottom of the tree to add a fresh scent throughout your home.” Binz said she prefers to focus on a few areas of the home – the mantle, tree, staircase, dining area – to make more of an impact. Binz said, “the holidays are a very special time for every family. I want my designs to enhance that.” 

To schedule your holiday decorating, contact Lindsey at or call her at 501.350.6811.

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