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Therapeutic Recreation is a a method of providing people who are differently abled with ways to bring positive emotional, social, physical or cognitive changes into their lives. TR activities, referred to as “interventions,” are designed to foster independence and develop skills for improved quality of life. These programs are highly structured, goal oriented opportunities to bring about change while incorporating a participant’s individual leisure interests, such as sports, participation in the arts, or other social activities.

Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation:
– Teaches new skills and knowledge
– Builds strong minds and healthy bodies
– Enhances self concept, self esteem and confidence
– Fosters peer relationships and community integration
– Develops life-long leisure skills
– Improves quality of life

The Mission of the Therapeutic Recreation division of Little Rock Parks and Recreation is:

To improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by providing community recreational and leisure opportunities and promoting lifelong skills.

The Therapeutic Recreation division of Little Rock Parks and Recreation utilizes trained staff, adapted equipment and community based activities to provide programs that enhance a participant’s ability to enjoy recreational activities and promote healthy, independent leisure lifestyles. The TR program offers special needs children and young adults in the Little Rock area the opportunity to socialize with their friends, to go on exciting field trips, and have experiences they might not otherwise be exposed to. The program will also offer a special needs summer day camp for kids aged 8-18.
Click here to view the complete Spring 2012 Program Brochure, including information about the summer day camp.

In addition to their programs for children, the TR program of the Little Rock Parks and Recreation department organizes adult outings to events like plays, ballgames, and day trips.

For more information about the Therapeutic Recreation Program, please contact Sherrie Shinn – CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, 500 West Markham Street, Room 108, Little Rock, AR, 72201. Phone: (501) 918-5359 Email:

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