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Bacon, black-eyed peas, mustard greens. Photo by reader Bryan Moats.

Every Wednesday we publish a feature called “Midweek Meal” highlighting a tasty recipe, healthy snack, or delicious desert. Rather than post a new recipe, we decided that for today’s post it would be fun to showcase a few photos of our reader’s New Year’s day feasts.

Food is one of life’s greatest unifiers. It brings people together in the best of situations and provides us with sustenance and memories during our more difficult days. For many families, New Years Day is an especially food-rich event with people all over the United States engaging in some form of New Year’s food tradition. It varies, of course from region to region, but often contains some form of lack-eyed peas, greens (and this time of year is a great time to buy these locally!) and meat.

Here a few photos from around central Arkansas.

How was your meal? Send us a photo. We’ll add it here!

Black-eyed peas and cabbage. From reader Rebecca Smith Benson.

Greens get ready for the boiling. Photo by author.


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