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For a lot of parents, a new baby can bring a great deal of chaos into the home. Newborns don’t follow family schedules, they cannot communicate their needs, and sometimes when there are older siblings, jealousy can rear its head. It may seem like an impossible task to happily integrate your new family member into the fold, but don’t fear – help is out there! Central Arkansas is lucky to have a Newborn Care Specialist, Lisa Baldridge, who makes it her mission to bring harmony into yours and your new baby’s lives. Newborn Care Specialists are specially trained to teach new parents the ins and outs of new babies, as well as provide emotional support to the parents during this exciting time. With over 20 years of newborn care experience, Lisa and her staff of trained professionals are sure to be a great fit with your family.
Common issues that new parents face which fall under the area of Newborn Care Specialist’s expertise include feeding issues (she supports both breastfeeding and bottle feeding,) sleep training, and perhaps most importantly, how to differentiate between the multitude of cries, whimpers and wails. I can vividly recall the frustration of those first few weeks, trying to figure out whether the baby was cold, wet, hungry, tired, mad, or just screaming to hear herself make noise. Lisa has developed a special method which she uses to determine the baby’s needs and teaches parents how to do the same.
A lot of new parents are uncomfortable with their abilities to change diapers, bathe tiny squirming babies safely, or respond appropriately to signs of illness or discomfort. Lisa’s instruction will have you diapering and bathing like a professional and will give you a confidence in yourself that will let you relax, stop worrying, and enjoy the special bonding time with your baby.
Some of the services that Lisa offers are Around-the-Clock Newborn Care, where a Care Specialist will stay in your home for 20 hours a day immediately after the birth of your child. They will do 100% of the baby care while you get a good night’s sleep (what a treat!) and spend the days working with you to develop an effective system for feeding, diapering, umbilical cord care, and sleep training. She also offers Nighttime Newborn Care, which entails 12 hour shifts in your home to allow you to get the rest you need to be a loving and attentive parent during the day. In addition, Nanny for Newborns offers services to prepare parents to deal with such issues as colic, reflux, scheduling, sibling acceptance, and nursery preparation.
If you would like to learn more about Lisa and the invaluable services she and her staff can provide for your family, you can contact her at (800) 504-2451 or (501) 944-7915, or visit her website at Although any time is appropriate to inquire about her availability, it is generally best to contact her 3-6 months in advance of your due date to insure that a Care Specialist will be available when you need her.

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