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Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Here’s mine: cultivate (my own) patience.

I live with the world’s most impatient creatures: toddlers. I’m constantly talking to them about patience and its many virtues. The other day I overheard them fighting over a toy car. “You have to be patient and wait,” the younger twin said to the eldest. “You have to be patient and wait,” replied his older brother.

I laughed out loud at the irony. Their innocent conversation cut to the core of something even the most mature adults seldom grasp. We hate waiting. We (the whole human race, I suspect) are mystified by the nuances of patience. We all like to talk to other people about patience. We seldom know how to practice it in our own lives. For all my talk of patience, I don’t know that I really exemplify it. Just this week I lost my patience over hand washing (why DOES it take them so long?) and the accidental spilling of water.

Sure, talking about patience is mostly a good thing. But we all know that, for better or worse, the everyday actions of our parents are etched in our brain. I can talk all day long about patience. But if I don’t practice it in my daily life they probably won’t either.

I can not lie. I find this whole patience thing¬†very hard.¬†Who doesn’t, right? Adults and children alike struggle with this. So I’m going to try less criticizing and more understanding. Less preaching, more practicing.

What about you? What are your resolutions?

Meredith is the online editor of the Savvy Blog. She lives in Little Rock with her twin sons, dogs, cats, and husband.
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