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At what age is it appropriate to open a bank account for a child? There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on this issue. I opened a savings account for my daughter when she was 5 and had more birthday money than a five-year old could be expected to keep up with. We looked around at different local banks and decided to go with First Arkansas Bank and Trust, who have recently unveiled their new “Cash Club” for children. With just $10, kids can open a Cash Club Account and will receive a plush dog named, appropriately, Cash. They will also receive information on how they can earn Cash’s friends by being responsible with their money. I think that bank incentives like this that cater to children are a fantastic way to introduce financial responsibility to youngsters and to encourage them to do more with their allowance than spend it impulsively. Good money habits can and should start early. For more information about FAB&T’s Cash Club, go to or call 1-800-982-4511.

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