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Savvy Family April 2012


Dad: Bryan Redditt, owner and manager of the Huntington Learning Center
Mom: Becca Redditt, full-time mom and part-time tutor at the Huntington Learning Center
Children: Allie Grace, 3 ½; and Conley, 18 months

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Most of our volunteer work is done through Huntington in the area of education. We read to elementary classes and, during the summer, we give school supplies to underprivileged students. We attend Fellowship Bible Church and are active in their Community and Bloom groups. Becca is a member of the Junior League of Little Rock and Bryan has recently joined the NLR Chamber Education Committee.

PARENTING STYLE: We are devoted to our children and stay very active in their lives. We want to enjoy life as a family now but don’t want to lose sight of the long-term goal. We parent with the purpose of raising daughters who will be independent thinkers, tender hearted, and morally sound. We include them in every aspect of our daily lives to model friendship, love, and our faith. We accept the challenge of raising them in a household that is loving, nurturing, and encouraging because we realize they will seek what they are accustomed to in their adult life.

LIFE LESSON LEARNED FROM PARENTHOOD: Enjoy learning and be inquisitive! It is refreshing to watch our girls learn about the world around them, not to be afraid to ask questions, and to see their faces light up when they catch on.

KEEPING IT ORGANIZED: What did we do before smart phones? Although we have paper calendars of upcoming activities on our corkboard, we mainly rely on our iPhone calendars and texting reminders to each other. We don’t have it all together but have accepted with kids and self-employment, a certain amount of chaos is to be expected. We must communicate often and be flexible. We are in this crazy life together!


Book: Bryan–Just finished Tick Tock by James Patterson but enjoy any detective/mystery books. Becca–Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. We are reading Radical by David Platt as part of our study in Community Group.
Music: Bryan–Top 40 and anything Jason Aldean! Becca–All genres.
Place to shop for you: Bryan–With all the women in my life, I don’t shop much. Becca– Franchesca’s for clothes and Mason’s for shoes.
Place to shop for kids: The Toggery
Family Activity: We are fortunate to live near great parks and enjoy taking advantage of the area’s playgrounds and trails. The girls love to be pulled through the zoo in their red wagon. We enjoy cooking as a family and involve the girls as much as possible. They especially enjoy picnicking in our living room on a cold winter’s night, grilling hot dogs and s’mores over the fire.
Restaurant: Ya Ya’s sans kiddos or Senor Tequila’s with the kids.
Guilty pleasure: Bryan–BBQ, especially when I have time to fire up my 4-foot smoker!
Becca-Anything chocolate. Who needs dinner when you have dessert?
Place to go for date night: On our last date night out, we escaped to Ya Ya’s. They have a fun atmosphere and my wife’s favorite dessert–phyllo dough wrapped brownie with vanilla ice cream. We enjoy going out but more often spend quality time cooking with each other. It was our favorite date before kids and continues to be entertaining with a family too.
Won’t leave home without: Bryan–Keys, money clip, and iPhone. Becca–iPhone, diapers, and wipes.

Between meeting some amazing “Savvy” kids and writing informative articles for our readers, Emily loves spending time with her 5-year-old son.
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