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A really cute way to accessorize your little birthday prince or princess is a handmade, reusable felt birthday crown. I have seen these all over the place in the past few months, and while simple to make, they are sure to be a lovely keepsake that you’ll cherish forever. Even moms who don’t consider themselves “crafty” should be able to whip up one of these in less than an hour. 

For supplies, you will need:

  • Several pieces of felt (usually found in sheets of 8”x11”) in assorted colors
  • One large (10” x 20”) sheet of felt for the main part of the crown
  • A few inches of 1/2” wide fabric elastic,
  • Either a needle and thread or craft glue,
  • If desired some buttons, sequins, or other decorations.

To begin, decide on the shape of the crown you’d like to make and draw it on a piece of stiff paper or cardboard. Ideally, you’ll want to leave 2-3 inches open at the back of the crown to add some elastic to allow for multiple uses. It’s a good idea at this point to see if the crown is an appropriate size for your child by “trying it on” before you cut the felt. When you’re satisfied with your template, trace its shape onto the piece of felt you’d like to use for the main part of the crown. Cut two identical pieces for the crown. Now comes the fun part – decorating! I’ve seen a lot of super-cute birthday crowns, some have the birthday child’s name on the front (or first initial), some have a space for a replaceable numeral for the kid’s age, and some are purely decorative with flowers, pirate ships, rockets – really any design that your child wants can be used. Once you’re finished designing and attaching the appliqués on the front, it’s time to add elastic and sew the backing onto the crown. You should stretch the elastic out about halfway, then measure the length you’ll need to make up the difference between the felt part of the crown and your child’s head. It’s very important to stretch the elastic before you cut to assure a good fit. Once you’re satisfied with the size of the crown, pin the elastic in place and glue or stitch the two main pieces together. Using a back keeps the stitches covered and provides additional support.

I made this crown (see picture) for our family friend Jack, who is a few months away from his first birthday but will undoubtedly feel like a king on his special day.

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