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As a parent, it’s hard to admit that your child may be falling behind in speech, development, or the use of fine motor skills. There are resources in our community to help you figure out whether or not she would benefit from some type of therapy; whether physical, occupational or speech. 

Allied Therapy, which has offices in both Ward and Sherwood, can diagnose and create an individualized treatment plan for your child. Whether your family has been referred by a physician or you are concerned and want to find out more about possible areas which could use improvement, Allied has proven to have a successful approach to identifying and treating problems such as Autism, speech delays, Down’s Syndrome and many others. Allied Therapy’s locations offer such amenities as a foam pit, a ball pit, an in-floor trampoline, treadmill and weights, an indoor jungle gym and tons more activities that will encourage your child to develop their minds and bodies in a safe an fun environment. Allied Therapy is also an Early Intervention services provider, so if you suspect that your little one may need these kinds of services, call Allied today at (501) 941-5630 in Ward or at (501) 834-0437 in Sherwood. For more information about the types of services which Allied provides, see their website at

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