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By now most of the schools in the region have closed for the day. There’s not nearly enough snow to build a snow man, so what’s a kid to do? Here are a few ideas. What’s happening at your house?

* Bake some cookies. It’s the quintessential snow day treat. Make it extra interesting by adding fun ingredients (any random things in the cabinet you need to get rid of?) and adding food coloring or natural dyes. Here’s a super simple sugar cookie recipe to get you started.

 * Start a Scrapbook. You know all those random special papers and art projects your kids have sitting in drawers? Start compiling them into booklet for safekeeping. Take time to talk about each one and why it’s special.

* Make a Sock Puppet.  Everyone has some random socks sitting around. You know, the ones for which you’ll never find the match. Put them to good use with some googly or hand-sewn eyes and create a snow day puppet troupe. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

* Break Out a Board Game. When’s the last time you played a game with your kids? Winter days are the perfect time for Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, or whatever it is you have on hand.

Start a Band/Record an Album. You don’t have to have lots of instruments on hand to make music. Get some pots and pans and a few spoons and you’ve got a drum set. To make things extra fun, add loops and samples and beats with audio software on your computer like Garageband (if you’re a Mac user) or Mixcraft (for PC users). And hey, why not record the music while you’re at it? Even older kids will love this.

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