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Staying Dry(ish) on the Road with Bike Fenders

If your teen likes riding their bike, you’ve probably had the pleasure of hearing them complain about the awful feeling of having a rain and grime sprayed up onto the back of their pants, shirt, and backpack. Here is a tutorial from Doodle Britches for you moms, dads and teens handy with tools to installing fenders on your bike. Read the post below or visit Doodle Britches here.

Aside from wrapping them entirely in a heavy-duty trash bag, there are few ways to stay completely dry. Don’t be that drastic. Instead, consider installing fenders on their bike.

However, a set of good fenders can go a long way to keeping you dry from water and dirt that comes flying from your tires. I have a great set of Sodapop Fenders made from recycled 2-liter bottles from Portland Design Works. They’re super light and inexpensive at $25. (I got mine from for only $10. I recommend signing up.) They fit most bikes frames by being bolted in with the brake calipers, but does not fit all frames, as I found out. For instance they do not fit my Ritchey Road Classic frame which has a narrower gap between the seat stays.

Check out this video on installing fenders on your bike.

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