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Summer is officially here, and that means lakes, rivers and swimming pools are open for business! Most parents want to start their children off with some type of safety-based swimming lessons, if only to get them comfortable in the water or to prepare for an accidental fall into the water. Central Arkansas has a lot of options for kids of all ages, starting with parent-child lessons for babies as young as 6 months, all the way up to preparation for competitive swim teams.

My little one has been a water baby since before she could walk – I am a big believer in letting children participate in family time whenever appropriate. Our family tends to congregate in the swimming pool at my parents’ house, so naturally we wanted to introduce my daughter to the water as early as possible. I chose not to take advantage of infant swim lessons, instead letting her stay in my arms or in a special baby-sized flotation device until around age 2 1/2. That summer, we did decide to go ahead and have someone come to the house to show her how to be safe in and around the pool. A popular way to accomplish these lessons is to get a few families with kids around the same age and have an instructor come and teach a group lesson.

It’s a cost-effective way to accomplish the goals you want to achieve for your kids, while giving them that much-needed time with their buddies. I’ve found that both the Little Rock Athletic Club and North Little Rock Athletic Club have excellent swim programs, offering private, semi-private and group lessons. These are available to both members and non-members at each location.

For North Little Rock, call Sue at 501-812-5555 ext. 222, and for Little Rock, call the Aquatics Office at 501-225-3601, ext. 310 and speak to Eimear to schedule lessons today.

More information about swimming programs here!

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