Apps for Parents Featured in iTunes

iTunes has done us a favor and collected some of the best iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps for parents. Of course, these apps are always available on iTunes, but I’d act quick to make sure you take advantage of any deals that may be going on. (Sometimes app developers will discount their app while it is being featured by iTunes, but no guarantees. Sometimes they’ll actually increase the price once they’ve received the notoriety.)

The apps are arranged into 6 categories:

New Parents: Most of these apps are filed under Medical, Health & Fitness, and Education, which makes sense if you recall your first months as a parent. For you new parents out there, maybe the free app can help you order up some cloth diapers for your little one.

Busy Parents: Like the iTunes write-up says, “‘busy’ doesn’t begin to describe your day.” So these apps don’t assume to solve all your time-crunching issues. But apps like Red Rover can help you plan your day if you’ve need to “discover kid-friendly places, find great activities and connect with parent friends on the go.” Sounds helpful to me.

Playtime: Yes, dads, this is playtime for the kids and you. But these aren’t just games. For instance, check out our personal favorite in this category, Project Noah. If you have ever read Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods, you understand how important it is to establish a strong connection between our children and nature. Project Noah is a great way to help kids learn about biodiversity in your area and so much more.

Mealtime: A great find in this category is an app called Fooducate, which helps you “grade” the food you buy, or are considering buying, tells you why it is good or bad, and gives you options. For instance, scan the UPC of that chocolate Power Bar you’re thinking of buying, and it will give you a grade based on the ingredients – taking into consideration processed ingredients, whole ingredients, preservatives, possible carcinogens, vitamin content, etc. Not happy with the grade? Get recommendations for options according to the food type (in this case, a food made to provide energy) and find out why it is a better option. (You may be surprised how often one simple fruit or vegetable provides everything you’re looking for and more.) Use it and you will feel 10x more food-smart and know that you’re providing your family with the best options.

Bedtime: On the road with the family and don’t have your copy of Pat the Bunny? Never fear, it’s on your iPad. You’re the hero!

Personal Assistants: Some of these could also be filed in the Woah, Life Just Got More Complex category. That is why services like made their free app. If you use the online personal financial planning/management service provided by, you’ll want to download this app to greatly extend their already amazaing services.

What apps do you use that help your life as a parent just a little easier? Tell us below!


myHomework App

myHomework App-of-Month

Don’t get behind on class assignments this year, organize your homework with myHomework. With myHomework you can easily know what’s due and when so you will never forget a homework assignment again.

The app includes: Track your classes, homework, tests, assignments; Time & Block based class schedules; Beautiful calendar display; iPhone Retina display support; Multitasking support; Universal (Both iPhone and iPad). myHomework is also available on the web so you can quickly sync and access your homework from your computer at

Price: Free

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Awesome Apps (Just don’t tell the kids they’re educational!)

Have you ever noticed that your children absolutely LOVE your iPhone? You’re not alone; I’ve yet to meet a kid who could turn down Angry Birds. However, there are thousands of apps developed specifically for children which promote learning, transforming your phone into a learning tool as well as an all-purpose soother.

MeeGenius, which contains a library of children’s books enhanced with read-along technology, is a fun way for pre-readers to enhance word recognition and to become more familiar with letter sounds. The books are beautifully illustrated, and each word is highlighted on the screen as it is read aloud.

ShelMovies features animated versions of poems by celebrated children’s poet Shel Silverstein, author of such classics as Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree.

Even the tiniest Savvy Kids can enjoy mom and dad’s phones with AlphaBaby, a clever app which lets you load your own pictures and voices so that your baby or toddler can hear your voice naming familiar objects. This app is especially fun to watch a baby play with, because it takes no skill or coordination – objects and letters pop up with any touch of the screen, eliciting those sweet baby giggles in the process.

Baby Piano Lite is a free app recommended for babies 9 months – 36 months, but I have to admit I found it fun to play myself! Brightly colored animals encourage baby to tap at the chunky piano keys, which either plays the corresponding notes or a recognizable tune.

For older kids, Tozzle is a puzzle app with a huge variety of puzzles. From simple shape-matching games to more complex skill-based puzzles, Tozzle is a hit with a wide range of ages.

For those of you who use an Android phone instead of an iPhone, there is a really cute app called Androidify in which you can dress up the android mascot in a variety of clothes and accessories.

Another Android favorite (which is also available on the iPhone) is Talking Roby. Roby is an animated robot which can repeat words, demonstrate dance moves and play a horn or other instruments.

The best thing about these apps are that they cost very little (usually free or $.99) and provide moms and dads with an occasional blessed moment of peace. Before you let any child play a game on any phone it is wise to play the game yourself first to make sure it is appropriate for your child.