Random Musings

When my son was born, he had this small island of hair atop his little head – nothing on the sides or the back, just the top. Out of this patch, there were maybe 20 or 30 hairs that were a good deal longer than the rest. This renegade gaggle of follicles would invariably drift upward, sticking up and resisting the oppressive forces of gravity. It was pretty funny looking. In every photo of him from that time, you could just make out this stand of wispy blond hairs sticking straight up. Continue reading

Ear Infections

I can hardly believe I’m typing this, but my boy is a year old as of yesterday. One year old. Twelve months old. Three hundred sixty-five days old. He’s also been running a fever of about 102.5 since his birthday. It’s a drag to be sick, but to be sick on your very first birthday just strikes me as deeply unfair. Continue reading


The first time it happened, I was folding laundry.

My son was about eight weeks old. I grabbed a bright yellow onesie with the words “Cool Dude” emblazoned across the front in big red letters. In all honesty, I can’t recall where the thing came from. Probably it was one of the many, many baby items that our friends with older boys had graciously given us. Continue reading