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This past weekend, I took my daughter Cassidy to the Clinton Presidential Center to see the new exhibit “The Art of the Brick,” which features Lego sculptures by artist Nathan Sawaya. Room after room was filled with colorful depictions of animals, everyday objects, even President Clinton himself, all made out of those tiny plastic cubes. Not only was my nearly-twelve year old blown away by Sawaya’s intricate designs, my mother and I were also impressed at the patience and dedication it must have taken for one man to imagine and bring into being these life-sized brick men, animals, and even two-dimensional mosaic works. 

My favorite piece was called “Pop-up Book” and featured a poem inscribed by the artist himself, while an intricate castle rose from between the splayed-open pages. 

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There were also numerous self-portraits of the artist, expressing a variety of emotional states. While I took many pictures that day, my favorite was this one of Cassidy reacting to a portrait of the artist emerging from some sort of a gray box. It’s called, appropriately enough, “Gray.” 

The cost of the exhibit is included in the regular admission price to the Clinton Center. Children under 6 are free, ages 6-17 are $3, adults 18-61 are $7 and college students with ID and senior citizens over 62 are just $5. 

See for more about this fantastic exhibit!

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