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The Merrick Family

The Merrick Family

Get to know December’s Savvy Family, the Merricks!

Dad: Jason Merrick, Family Practice Physician at Cabot Medical Care
Mom: Kristi Merrick, Stay at Home Mom or as I like to call it, Manager of all things Merrick
Children: Hannah, 13; Harrison, 10; and Hudson, 4

Current Projects: As parents of school age children, we stay very busy with school activities and the everyday hustle and bustle of life (especially right now during the holiday season). Jason and Kristi are both very involved in their local church. They helped start the Fellow- ship Bible Church venue in Cabot and lead worship there on Sundays. Kristi helps to head up special events at the church, most recently Fam- ily Fest, the church’s largest community outreach event. She also serves in women’s ministry and works with kids in the area of drama and fine arts. Jason is co-founder and president of the board of the Lonoke County Christian Clinic. This is a nonprofit organization that provides free medical and dental care to residents of Lonoke County who have no insurance coverage. He volunteers his professional services on a regular basis at the clinic.

Parenting style: It is impossible to influence your children from a distance. We love hanging out with our kids! We think parenting is best done by experiencing life together so spending time with our kids is a priority. Riding bikes around the block, playing video games together, taking in a movie (Jason’s personal favorite), catch- ing up after school and at bedtime are all ways we stay plugged in as parents. In the end, it’s less about the activity itself and more about time spent together and consistency in our responses to each behavior and situation.

Life Lesson Learned from Parenthood: The life lessons we’ve learned are as unique as each of our children. Our first child was born with a serious heart defect, so we learned very early that life does not always follow our script. We learned to value life itself and appreciate every day as the gift that God gives us. By the time our second child came along, we learned to not sweat the small stuff. Individuality is a good thing! And let’s just say with number three, we are learning to just hang on and enjoy the ride!

Keeping it Organized: We try our best to keep a family calendar with appointments, rehearsals, lessons, school and church activities, but those who know us well would also tell you that we do know how to just “go with the flow”.

Advice for “Keeping it all together”: There is no way to keep it ALL together! Keep a shared calendar and simplify as much as possible. It is very difficult in our society to avoid overextending our families. This is especially true with multiple children. We try to limit and prioritize extracurricular activities to preserve as much family time as possible. We are finally learning to say “no” even to “good” things that rob us of our most precious commodity – time together!


Books: The Percy Jackson series, 39 Clues, The Bible
Music: All of it! We listen to everything from contemporary Christian to classic rock as well as a lot of radio Disney
Place to shop for you: Bimini Butterfly in Cabot, and McCain Mall
Place to shop for kids: McCain Mall
Family Activity: Allfam Bowling in Cabot, Movies, Putt Putt/Driving Range
Restaurant: Morina’s Italian, Grandpa’s and Mean pig BBQ
Guilty pleasure: Three Flamingos Frozen Yogurt or Tastee Freeze ice cream
Place to go for date night: Dinner and movie
Vacation destination: Any place with sun and sand!
Won’t leave home without: Sadly, our cell phones are always in hand!

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