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On Thursdays, we like to post recipes that your whole family can enjoy together. In the spirit of warm spring and summer evenings, I found this delicious recipe that can be adapted for whatever kind of pasta sauces your family enjoys. At my house, I am partial to marinara, while my daughter is more of an alfredo girl. What I love about this recipe is that you can make it however you choose so it will be everyone’s favorite! Plus, if you go the easy route and use pre-packaged pastas and sauces, this is a meal that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes!


Packaged tortellini (whichever kind you and your family like)
Pasta Sauce (either home-made or jarred)

You will also need a package of wooden skewers.


Prepare the pasta as directed on the package – usually this involves boiling until al dente. Make sure not to let it get too mushy or it will be hard to slide the tortellini onto the skewers.

While the pasta is boiling, make your sauces (or heat them up if you’re using pre-made sauces.) For some good pasta sauce recipes, you can try a website such as or

Once your pasta and sauces are done, ask each member of your family which dipping sauce they prefer, and fix up a cute little plate with a ramekin of sauce at the center, surrounded by skewers with 5-6 tortellini on them.

As a parent, you probably know that being able to dip your food in something makes it taste 1000 times better, so this is a great meal for picky eaters.

Some sauce suggestions are – marinara with or without meat, pesto, bolognese sauce, wild mushroom sauce, and alfredo.

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