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If you have a copy of last month’s Savvy Kids lying around, you probably saw this cute tents by HABA on the back cover. I thought they were adorable in print, but then I went by Knowledge Tree to pick up a few Christmas gifts, and I had to run by and take a peek at them. OH MY GOSH. They are an absolute must-have for the holidays! I know several kids in my family who will be delighted to see what Santa has left. Of course, my daughter is definitely outside of the suggested age range for such a product, but she saw the ad and wanted one, too. These would make a fantastic addition to any child’s room or playroom – I could see it being a warm, cozy reading nook, a place for make-believe, or even a novel way to encourage a reluctant napper.

Check out these designs, all available at the Knowledge Tree on University Avenue:

Carolini – a smaller, feminine playspace for your girliest princess:


The Knight’s Castle tent, which could spar all kinds of fantastical adventure:


Marrakesh, a colorful, eclectic Indian design for the modern girl:

The Pirate play tent is perfect for swashbucklers and mateys alike!

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